Sophie Louise Boden has been photographing since 2006 and is currently based in Leicester while she studies for an BA (Hons) in Photography and Video at De Montfort University. Her work ranges from sultry burlesque dancers in studio settings to crazy and ridiculous on-location costume shoots. An avid collector of camera old and new, she, so far, has 10 including a Brownie from the 50s and a Holga 120 GCFN. For most of her shoots she uses a Sony Alpha A200 with 18-70/35mm lens.

Earlier this year she set up a page dedicated to her work, which has been getting a lot of positive response of late and continues to grow, getting over 300 'Likes' on Facebook and multiple shares and comments on her work. She was also recently interviewed about her work with a model she worked with on the day. The interview can be found here.

Over the past year she has grown as a photographer in terms of skill and creativity and this is evident with her large and eclectic portfolio. Examples of her work include her Alice in Wonderland set, which takes alternative models from throughout the country and turns them into characters from the novel, and one of her most recent shoots included a model dressed in a one of a kind space hopper latex dress (complete with trademark space hopper ears). She can also be found at the front of local burlesque shows, such as Eliza DeLite's Electrotease and shows by De Montfort University's Demon Belles.

In terms of the future, she hopes to continue working with new models, MUAs, and designers, as well as building her portfolio and pushing her artistic prowess to whole new levels. She begins her third year of university in September, which includes two huge photography projects. But despite this, she will continue to do multiple extra-curricular shoots full of fun and madness.

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography black white fashion beautiful girl woman dress)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography black white girl woman fashion dress)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography beautiful blonde girl woman red lips bunny mask rabbit)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography fashion mask bunny ears flowers beautiful blonde girl woman)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography mask brunette girl woman pink feathers portrait)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography fashion brunette girl woman sitting bow rips)

Sophie Boden (sophie boden photography fashion art multi colored dress neon)

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