About Paper Aquarium

Paper Aquarium was originally born from the mind of Macey Mooneyham. (Her name is now Macey Brown.) Macey thought up the name "Paper Aquarium." She always loved playing with the idea of having her own printed or online magazine. In fact, she designed and printed out mini magazines when she was a teen as well as doing a small-scale Myspace blog that she called Macey<3Zine.

Many other names have been thought up by her, but "Paper Aquarium" stuck with her throughout the rest of her time at a local scrapbook store in Tennessee. Now she works at a newspaper in Tennessee with her husband Derek Brown. Derek Brown is responsible for a large portion of the branding you see around the site. The new site redesign was a very nonlinear process involving lots of rough drafts, testing, sketches, and partially completed designs by Derek and Macey. Derek took the overall design ideas and colors and created the redesign from both his and her design ideas. Combining Macey's ideas of how the site should work and some of the details she came up with along with his own design and color scheme, he created the code and look for the new site with help from Macey.

The old version of the site was coded by Macey and designed by Derek with a little help from Macey. The redesign took a different perspective in that it was a more cohesive idea all the way to the end, keeping in mind the viewers and users of the site. Derek and Macey both wanted the new site to be easy to use, navigate, submit to, and easy to share with outside sites. The idea of a content management system was dabbled with and tested by Macey herself. She spent lots of work with drupal and found that it was valuable, but not appropriate to integrate into Paper Aquarium's site infrastructure just yet. Perhaps in the future the idea may be explored again. Therefore, submitting work to Paper Aquarium remained through the use of email instead of signing up on the site. Feedback from a user of the site also reassured Macey that the emailing method was the best one for the present time.

Today Paper Aquarium is more than just a name, brand identity, or color-combination. It is a story you can tell. It is a story I can tell. Paper Aquarium is a creature that changes the way we can experience the internet.

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