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Katherine Keough

Fashion photographer, Katherine Keough, has submitted her beautiful unpublished fashion shoot titled "Sun Seeker"...Read More

Liz Barnes

Liz is 17 year old aspiring photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Every time she picks up her camera she gets a thrill for creating something beautiful and something people can connect to...Read More

Niki Aguirre

Niki is in love with creative portrait photography. It is definitely her passion and she is currently exploring that area more in depth these days...Read More

Kassidy Yang

Kassidy is a fashion, portrait and editorial photographer based South of Brisbane in Logan, QLD, Australia. She started her own business, Kassidy Yang Photography, in July 2010...Read More

Sarah Louette

Sarah is a French self-taught photographer. Her world is a dream-like fantasy inspired by literature and everyday emotions. She aims at portraying these who look upon her pictures, like in a mirror...Read More

Demi Cambridge

Demi has been photographing for a combined 5 years now, but have only just emerged herself into the world of fashion. She's loves creating and bringing her ideas together visually...Read More

Natalie Purslow

Natalie is a 19 year old freelance photographer from Perth Western Australia. She began taking pictures as a fourteen year old, with a camera that was handed down to her after the tragic death of her uncle. It was something she found magical to take a device that captured a life before and use it to create and capture her own memories...Read More

Charlotte Bailey

Charlotte a 21 year old Kent and London based photographer who does a variety of different photographs to a high standard specialising in fashion, portraits, weddings and events....Read More

Amelia Jane

From the Land of the Long White Cloud to the Land of the Long Golden Beaches, Amelia Jane has been creating images and capturing enchanting beauty since 2009. Most recently, she has been photographing Gold Coast Fashion Week working longside some amazing local designer talent and models, and covering Fashion Runway Events. Her dream is to be one of Australia's well known Fashion Photographers with...Read More

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie West is a fashion, editorial and fine art portrait photographer based in Queens, New York. She is 23 years old, holds an Associates Degree in Photography from the Academy of Art University and established her business, Forever Picturesque Studios in 2004. She primarily shoots independent fashion labels, musicians and is commissioned for conceptual fine art portraitures...Read More

Sarah Fountain

Brisbane Photographer and Graphic Designer Sarah Fountain from Grafiklab offers a wide range of creative services...Read More

Beth Lane

Beth is a twenty three year old graphic designer and photographer who lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. She has submitted her latest shoot, which is titled, "Sixteen". The inspiration for the shoot was the moody, melancholic and unsure age of sixteen...Read More

Eleonora Gadducci

Eleonora Gadducci, in art, Ete Nocturnes born August 27, 1989. His childhood friends are the Cheshire Cat and the hat of Alice in Wonderland. She loves photography, write, draw and compose music with the guitar. His art is an inspiration, though not direct, romantic-decadent literary works and drawings Gothic-romantic by Victoria Frances. The passion for photography develops in her after admiring...Read More

Sophie Boden

Sophie Louise Boden has been photographing since 2006 and is currently based in Leicester while she studies for an BA (Hons) in Photography and Video at De Montfort University. Her work ranges from sultry burlesque dancers in studio settings to crazy and ridiculous on-location costume shoots. An avid collector of camera old and new, she, so far, has 10 including a Brownie from the 50s and... Read More

Fallon Ismail

Fallon Ismail is a Fashion and Beauty photographer, specializing in Studio photography. She has recently created a series of beauty shots from various photo shoots, with different style of make up/hair/lighting etc... Read More

Roberta Tocco

Roberta Tocco is a 21 year old, italian self-taught photographer based in Italy. She started taking pictures in 2011, focusing on portraits. For her, taking photos means to fully express her feelings and it gives her great satisfaction. She thinks that what prevails in many of her pics is an 'atmosphere of dream; they are a sort of a fairy tale, this mainly because she considers herself a great dreamer... Read More

Ashley Keeler

Ashley Keeler is a 13 year old young Artist/Photographer. Her work consists around everything there is in her world to shoot. She is more of a Conceptual Artist/Photographer than anything. She tries to put her deep emotions, expressions, visions and, thoughts into her photo's. In hopes that her photo's will inspire many people. She tries to... Read More

Carlos Teixeira

Carlos is a photographer from Espinho, Portugal. He has submitted a wonderful photo shoot with styling that belongs to Spring-Summer 2012 collections... Read More

Jenny Boot

The photography of Jenny Boot (Sneek, Holland, 1969) is an eclectic mix of portrait, fashion and freestyle influences. In her portraits we see classic fashion photography lighting techniques and in her freestyle work we see the same attention to detail and styling as her fashion work... Read More

Kristina Shapranova

Kristina is a Brisbane based fashion photographer. Fashion Photography has been a passion since she's known herself, therefore she decided to go on and explore it as much as she could. She believes that due to her previous years of experience as a Fashion model it is easier for her to understand how a model feels in front of the camera when photographing... Read More