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Vicki Summer

Vicki is a self taught photographer based in Townsville, she enjoys taking photos using natural light in nature. "It captures a real softness and femininity in the models which I think looks rather nice and pretty. I like choosing interesting locations in nature, I'm always on the lookout for cool new spots to shoot in. When I do a shoot, the model and I bring a bag of clothes that we think will look good... Read More

Brooke Golightly

Brooke Golightly is a conceptual photographer, "When I began getting into photography, I found that the photos that captivated me were very emotive and almost always were anchored heavily in humanity and our interactions with nature. Since I often will have last minute ideas and don't usually have a model readily available, I began creating... Read More

Nikolay Mikheev

Nikolay has been working and living in Los Angeles, USA. He began his career as a photographer in the advertising agency Alfa Press, Moscow, Russia, where he acted as a designer till 2007 and afterwards as a photographer and art-director at a design-studio... Read More

Sarina Konemann

Sarina Konemann is a self-taught, Australian born Brisbane based fashion photographer. She began following her love for photography at a young age with a creative spark passed on by her Croatian mother. Many of her personal works are enchanting & dreamlike, inspiration gathered from nature... Read More

Lindsay Gray

Lindsay Gray is a nineteen-year-old fashion photographer based in Dallas, Texas. With her photography, she creates stories and moments that work with the fashion, rather than simply photographing the clothing. Each series that she shoots is a new experiment for her--a new way to portray her world and those that she envisions. Lindsay hopes to relocate to New York City... Read More

Melina Hollway

Melina Hollway is the self taught fashion designer behind this whimsical Australian grown label. Damsel in this Dress has exceptional flair for designing and creating unique one of a kind, highly sought after styles for the new age fashionista looking for that "different" kind of dress... Read More

Abbey Leigh

Abbey-Leigh is a busy mother with a passion for fashion and styling. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand where her styling aspirations begun, and now living in Brisbane, Australia to conquer her career goals and aspirations... Read More

Ingrid Wang

Ingrid is a 17 year old self-taught amateur photographer from Brisbane, Australia who is attempting to tell tales of dreams and raw delight through captures of the beautifully electric, the sweet essence of quixotic journeys and moments of sun drenched magic... Read More

Jasmine Leigh

Jasmine Leigh is a nineteen year old photographer based in Kent, near London. Jasmine Leigh Photography provides a professional photographic service. Capturing weddings, parties, corporate events, family portraits, landscape's and fashion photography... Read More

Kristina Bychkova

Kristina is a 17 years old Russian that lives in Carpi, Italy. She's a self taught photographer. Her love for photography started some years ago, from that moment on, she hasn't stopped photographing... Read More

Lauren Ogie

Lauren is an 18 year old photographer in the San Diego Area. With her photography, she focuses on mainly using people as her primary focus point in the photos. She tries to make the location, outfits, hair, make up, pose, model, facial expression all add to the photo. She recently has done a few photos where... Read More

Liz Ordway

Liz Ordway, who is 17 and I will be a freshman at San Francisco State University studying Photography and Business in the fall. She specializes in making surrealistic art that expresses her imagination by using Photoshop tools that she's acquired throughout the past five years. The work she generates is often a combination of things that she wishes to see and the truth of her surroundings... Read More

Sophie Pellegrini

Sophie is a 19 year old sophomore Studio Art and Psychology double major at Bates College, and an aspiring fine art photographer from the Washington, D.C. area in the United States. She has been taking pictures for about 5 years now. While originally self taught, she has taken a range of digital and film photography classes over the past couple of years to pursue her passion... Read More

Djordje Bukvic

Djordje Bukvic is a 15 year old fashion photographer from Serbia. "Two years ago, I started with fashion photography,and it is became my passion. When I take my camera-friend in hands,it means to me freedom to make my own perfect world!"... Read More

Diana Debord

Diana is a fine art photographer working with self portraiture and portraiture. She likes to try to create images that merge decadent romanticism with dreamlike atmospheres. Her work draws inspiration from dreams or nightmares, paintings and books from her favorite authors: Ophelia's Dream is a... Read More

Sabine Rosch

Zeit-Bild PhotoArt is the project name of the artist Sabine Rosch. She lives in the north of Germany. Her photographic vision is dreamy, emotional with a touch of fantasy. When she got her first digital camera in 2004 she concentrated on pictures with a focus on... Read More

Kalliope Amorphous

Kalliope has submitted a project titled "Glass Houses." Glass Houses is a series of conceptual self portraits created using distortion mirrors. These portraits explore the fragmentation of the self, or the hidden self which is often underlaid beneath a facade. These fragmentations are the subconscious or conscious fears... Read More

Nicole Pagan

Nicole is a creative soul that enjoys capturing visions inspired by her imagination and daydreams. She pretends to escape from the real world every time she has her camera in her hands, It's her kind of freedom, how she expresses herself. With her camera, she uses reality to create her own. Her photographs can be described as imaginative, romantic & dreamlike... Read More

Aimee Stoddart

Aimee Stoddart, is an aspiring fashion & beauty photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. She dreams of her work being shown around the world and others enjoying what she does... Read More

Kristy Kareh

"I was blessed by a childhood full of worldwide travels and this reflects on the extensive vision that I apply throughout my work. Having been touched by a wide variety of cultures and having experienced many of the multiple landscapes that nature has to offer, I was defined as a person, and undoubtedly as a photographer... Read More