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Charoula Stamatiadou

Charoula is 27 years old who was born in Drama, a small town in Greece, but is currently living in Athens where she moved in 2009 to pursue her dream and get experienced with a bigger audience... Read More

Giada Laiso

Giada is a 21 year old who studied "Photography and new technologies of Art" in academy in Milan. She went to High School of Art and studied painting for five years, this has greatly influenced her photography style. In her pictures she tries to combine painting with photography, every setting that she chooses is a wrapper that contains a timeless parallel world in which each character is locked in its history... Read More

Mary Hecker

Mary is a 16 year old from Brisbane, Australia who is an aspiring model. "I am also an aspiring... everything creative really - photographer, dancer, musician, and designer. I've been dancing for 14 years, singing, designing and writing music since I was 7 and photographer has only been the past year or so... Read More

Adam Ghahate

Adam Ghahate, 21, Born and raised in San Diego California. Self taught on film and Grossmont Community College Photography Major. "I was a musician for 8 years, on to be a music major, before picking up a camera. In October 2010 I hit some creative walls musically and decided to take a break. Picked up a 35mm slr out of boredom and need to be creative and I've been hooked ever since... Read More

Anna Triplett

"Taking pictures, freezing moments, is something I have always loved to do! I love incorporating families, pets, favorite toys and other items into pictures to make them more personal. I try very hard to make each picture represent the personality of the people in them. I love taking pictures, working with adults and children (I have a 4 year old of my own) and... Read More

Kenny Mitchell

Kenny is a self Taught digital and film. Soon to be attending The Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. "I've been shooting for about a year and a half now, so I'm still a baby. Primarily shooting engagements and portraits, along with a little street photography thrown in there. The goal of my photos is to give the viewer a front row seat of the shoot... Read More

Allan Hoang

Allan is a fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His inspiration comes from the experiences he has gained from traveling across different cultures around the world and expressed in the stories he communicates through his images... Read More

Sarah Kate Photography

Sarah Read is 25 years old and lives in Perth, Western Australia. "I started my own small home based photography business in Oct 2010 - I mainly do family portraiture and weddings, but I am currently trying to branch out into the world of fashion. My passion for photography comes from my Aunty, who was a... Read More

Adrian Celmer

Adrian Celmer is a Poland based film photographer... Read More

Federica Giordano

Federica Giordano is a Italy based photographer. "Photography is my personal way to keep a diary: freeze moments that I live every day, places and people. I'm a lover of fashion portraiture and trying to make real my ideas and dreams... Read More

Hannah Laamoumi

Hannah Laamoumi is a 19 year old aspiring fashion photographer from Houston, TX. "I have been involved in photography for about 4 years now. I originally took photography in high school where I learned on black and white film in the darkroom. I moved over to digital to produce a 2D design portfolio at the end of my high school years. I recently made the transition to... Read More

Julia Moroz

Julia Moroz is a 21 year old model with a Polish background from Perth, Western Australia. "I started modeling in 2011 only part time as I studied Law/Criminology and Justice full time. Since modeling is more of a hobby to myself though I've learned a lot from the experiences I have received and have met many wonderful people along the way. I've traveled and modeled all around... Read More

Caterina Gualtieri

Caterina Gualtieri is a 20 year old from South Italy but currently resides in Milan where she moved to improve herself as a fashion photographer and portraitor."I have been photography addicted for about 5 years and self-thought in photography. I started taking pictures with objects, food and fruits and then... Read More

Olga Batyrova

Olga Batyrova is a freelance photographer based in Athens, Greece... Read More

Sarah Seene

Sarah Seene is a French 25 years-old-girl, fascinated by the power of image. "I've been a director of fiction and experimental short films for a few years and I'm a polaroid addict. My world is a strange atmosphere between poetry and anxiety. I color my polaroids of childhood, dream and fear, in the idea of suspended time with worlds which I made by modifying the reality... Read More

Andrew Kalashnikov

Andrew Kalashnikov is a 24 year old photographer based in Russia, St. Petersburg. Taking dark emotional portraits and editorials. He has submitted his new Polaroid Diary (fake) project "Escapism". It's about one complicated time from the life of a youth... Read More

Battery Pak Photography

Battery-Pak Photography is a team founded by two 16 year old creative kids from Brisbane - Mary Hecker and Rowan Noyes. Both with a passion for photography, making music, writing, fashion and design of all kinds... Read More

Carolina Aguero

Carolina Aguero is a photographer from Valparaiso City, Chile... Read More

Peter Knol

Photographer, Peter Knol, has submitted a photo shoot titled Tunnel Vision. Mel Candish is a Western Australian designer from Capel, a small coastal town, which is surrounded by hobby farms and agriculture. For this collection Mel attributes her inspiration to her mother, who has been battling cancer for the past five years... Read More

Agnieszka Smolarska

Agnieszka is a 29 year old from Poland but she is currently living in London. "I have started my photography experience several years ago, when I got my camera in my hand for the first time - I knew straight away that we belong to each other. Working as a portrait or fashion photographer is very interesting because it incorporates many styles of photography... Read More