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EQ Photography

Missy and David Dufourq is a sister/brother photography team from Brisbane, Australia. "Our main goal is to explore conceptual, fashion portraiture and capture it in a genuine spirit, evoking an honest response from the viewer." "Recently, we ventured out into the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterlands to work on a series entitled, 'Whisphers in the Dark.' Around an abandoned old saw mill, our story began to come to life... Read More

Sophie Fontaine

Sophie Fontaine, is a french freelance photographer and illustrator based in Nancy. After studies of Applied Arts and Literature then some experiences as a colorist and sketches author, she naturally turned to analog photography which she saw as an extension and a synthesis of her past artistic activities... Read More

Klara Johanna Michel

Klara is a young photographer from Germany living in London... Read More

Pierre Prospero

Pierre is a French self-taught artist and photographer. "I began with film in San Francisco in 1998 and made my first black and white prints two years later while working in New York City. My primary love is for portraiture but I enjoy working in fashion and have even developed a love for gourmet... Read More

Kendra Martin

Kendra is a fashion, editorial and beauty photographer located in Oregon. "I started photography my junior year of high school after seeing my uncle working in his studio and I knew that is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After graduating I spent all of my time... Read More

Celeste Ortiz

Celeste Ortiz is a young photographer from a little seaside town called San Antonio in Chile. Her work mainly consists of self portraiture, she has been doing this since 2008 but recently has been working with 35mm film... Read More

Klaudia Kubicek

Klaudia is an 18 year old photographer from the Czech Republic. "I started to take photos in 2008 when my dad lent me his camera, It was a simple Olympus digital camera, but I tried to make unusual pictures with it... Read More

Jessica Evelyn

"From an early age, I've been absolutely and utterly enthralled with anything foreign--especially if that foreignness has anything to do with Eastern Europe or Russia. This unexplainable captivation not only resulted in a bachelors degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies from the University of Michigan, but also pulled me to live in Hungary, Russia and Ukraine and travel to fifteen other foreign countries... Read More

Dominique Felicity

Dominique Felicity, who shoots under the name Felicity Photography. She is a 20 year old, mother to be from Perth, Australia and has a love for colorful, intense photographs with a twist. The following series is of a beauty shot inspired by dreams... Read More

Nneka Ewulonu

Nneka Ewulonu is a 18 year old photographer based in Athens, GA. "I first fell in love with photography when I was 16, after coming across Flickr. I was utterly enamored and inspired by the photography I saw. I consider myself a conceptual photographer, and try to create photos that give off an ethereal vibe... Read More

Veronica Morphine

Veronica was born in 1989, a university student from central Italy. "Though I am studying to become a translator, photography is a big love of mine. What I really like about it is that through a picture I might be able to show people the beauty they never see or know they... Read More

Toby Nguyen

Toby Nguyen is an upraising young photographer based in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in conceptual fashion, and editorial beauty. "I started my journey with photography two years ago. I started with a 365 project. A photo a day for 365 days, from there, I discovered how much I love photography... Read More

Miss Sorry

Miss Sorry is a 29 year old stylist and doll photographer from Italy. "I love fashion but with a silly and colorful touch! I'm a cute nerd, totally in love with pink and obsessed by pugs... Read More

Michael Kaniecki

Michael Kaniecki is a photographer located in Kiel, Northern Germany... Read More

Stephanie Thy

Stephanie Thy is a 20 year old self taught fashion photographer from Melbourne, Australia. She is inspired by the life and love that surrounds her and hope to capture it through her photos... Read More

Thilini Galamath

Thilini Gamalath is an italian fashion and beauty photographer. She approached photography thanks to Barthes' work Camera Lucida and after graduating in Fashion she decided to study Photography at IED. She lives and works between Turin and Milan (Italy)... Read More

Noemi Mangiatordi

Noemi is a photographer from Bologna, Italy and she has been producing images for the last 4 years. "I have just finished my studies in high school graduating scientific and linguistic and I'm trying to create my own personal activity as Noemi Mangiatordi Photography... Read More


Sabracane is a Paris-based photographer. Born and raised in a family which most of the members were women, she acquired a fascination of virility and femininity strength. She has a background in sociology and ethnology and began to work with photography to illustrate what words cannot do for her studies. She now works only as a photographer... Read More

Renee Nolan

A young self educated photographer, Renee has a love of creative concepts and capturing images that define life. After spending three years with a camera in her hand capturing her own life, she is now offering to create memories for other people, with her love for photography and her eye for drama,passion, and detail... Read More