Interview With Photographer:
Kitty Gallannaugh

Kitty Gallannaugh, a photographer from London, gave us the honor of letting us interview her. Her bright and enlightening images carry to the viewer thoughts of childhood nostalgia and wonder, looking at the world with brand new eyes; all this is nestled warmly in a photograph that is as beautiful and graceful as its concept. This concept comes from the lovely mind of Kitty herself where she imagines places and people, and then brings them to life in her timeless collection of photographs.
We had some questions we wanted to ask her, and she willingly and happily answered them for us.

Is there something you always ask to yourself or think to yourself just before you push the button?

I will admit, I don't think much in the moment just before I click the shutter. I try to stay in the moment and snap exactly what I'm seeing as that's what's real to me then and there. I fear if I let my mind talk before I took the photo, I'd be standing there for decades.

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How long have you been doing photography?

I think I had just lost my first tooth by the time I picked up a camera. By the time I was seventeen and finishing school, I starting shooting my first clients and I never stopped from there.

Can you describe that "moment" when you knew that photography was something you just had to do?

It's funny, I feel that this is such a momentous occasion for photographers and yet I have no recollection of ever having that 'eureka' moment. I had been playing with cameras since I was tiny and they had always been there. As a teenager it became a part of my identity as I grew into adulthood and it was just accepted that photography was something I was wildly passionate about and always had been.

Once you've found your style, hold onto it with your life. Nothing happens overnight, but with a fiery passion and a head full of ideas, there is never a limit to your accomplishments.

If you could take your art in any direction without fear of failure or rejection, where would it lead? What new thing would you try?

To the stars! At the moment I'm really curious and learning to experiment with photography on a more street/photojournalistic style; trying to capture the moments of others around me in moments that are real. I'd love to explore it more and be brave enough to really strike out and into it.

Do you find yourself always looking at the world wondering how it would look as a photograph?

Every single second. Being asked this is much of a comfort knowing it can't just all be in my mind and that others have thought of it too! It's a beautiful thing to always look for the artistic frames in daily life, but it can also be exhausting!

What is another source of influence and inspiration for you other than other photographers/photographs?

Books. I spent my childhood avoiding books like the plague; I never wanted to sit still long enough to read. But as I've aged, I've found a late-love in books. We live near this book shop which is an old house, they have books from the floor to the ceiling - lining the stairs and even in the kitchen sink! It feeds my mind with inspiration, I so often sit in there picking out new stories to carry home.

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What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Don't be afraid, be yourself and focus on your own abilities. It is all too easy to compare yourself to those around you and it can be disheartening. Once you've found your style, hold onto it with your life. Nothing happens overnight, but with a fiery passion and a head full of ideas, there is never a limit to your accomplishments.

What is it that interests you most about photography?

All of it! The way it feels so new to human history, the way it feels to see a powerful image and the way it feels to take a photo that you feel satisfied with. Everything about it is magical, but then again, what isn't wonderful about freezing time forever?

Do you currently have a favorite photograph?

Out of my own, I don't. But there are so many by others that I truly admire. Too many to share, all beautiful, heart-achingly wondrous photos.

Photographs capture a fraction of a moment, whereas films can let it flow like a stream in front of you and transport you there immediately.

What makes a good photographer in your opinion?

Everyone can be a good photographer. For me, it's someone who is unafraid to push boundaries, willing to get their hands dirty and go all out to follow their dream.

In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

To me, it speaks to the masses despite language, age, race. Everyone can feel something from a photograph no matter who they are, it's embracing.

What motivates you most?

I'm learning how to embrace my emotions and turn them into fuel. Love plays a huge role, as does happiness and feeling carefree (or just being plain silly).

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If you weren't a photographer, what would you want to do and why?

I'd be a chocolatier who travelled to far off lands in search for the best cacao beans.

What are some other hobbies you do besides taking photographs?

I've roller-bladed since I was 7, and I still do so. I like going for walks and eating ice cream, I like writing verses that come into my head at random moments and dancing to 60's music on vinyls. There's also a lot of baking going on in our house as well as flute playing and I'm currently learning how to play the ukelele.

We've seen some of your short films. They are so beautiful. Are you wanting to do more of these in the future, and if so, what do you think makes movies so inspiring?

Thank you! And definitely so, I am the first to admit I think they're my weakest point even though I find them so incredibly fun to make. Movies are inspiring as you see the spirit of the world moving in front of your eyes. Photographs capture a fraction of a moment, whereas films can let it flow like a stream in front of you and transport you there immediately.

In your opinion, what makes a photograph memorable?

I think it's down to personal taste and how one can relate to something. What I may find heart-wrenching, other people may walk past and find another. It's something that evokes an emotion that can touch you and draw you into its world.

We're excited about your upcoming blog called "Searching for Tomorrow." Can you give us any details about it?

Thank you so much! It's online now and will be a place where I strive to publish all sorts of things from shoots, stories and fun days out. It's a brand new chapter and I'm loving it so far.

What made you decide to do a new blog?

There were a million factors all cramming inside my skull. I had been unhappy for a long while with it, I was blogging for the sake of trying to produce new work and my passion had disappeared. I was using Tumblr as my platform and it just wasn't working out for me in the way I needed it to, my images were tiny to view and the tools just weren't for me and what I hoped to achieve. It played on my mind night and day. Then I was sat down and told I would be out of work for 6-8 weeks to recover from an operation, and it kind of just felt like a jigsaw puzzle piece saying that within that time, instead of moping around, I should put my mind into creating something to make me happy. And I think I've done just that!

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Is there an interview question you wish you were asked? If so, what is it and what is your reply?

This is the hardest question I think I have ever been asked! This question would be the question I wish I was asked, and I was asked it, and I shall respond, I think everything has been covered and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting such a grin upon my face!

You can visit Kitty Below:

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