Want to show people what you can do in the realms of creativity and design? Submit your art or photography to Paper Aquarium Magazine to have a chance to get your own artist/photographer page and a chance to be the "Featured" artist/photographer. When you submit to Paper Aquarium, we look over your art to make sure that it does not violate the following rule.

Absolutely no pornographic, obscene, or offensive material.

When you submit to us, please include a bio about yourself and your work and try to send us a link to your website/facebook/blog or any other link for readers to be able to go to and read more about you and see other work from you. When submitting, please keep in mind that the files have to be at least 960 pixels wide to ensure everything is good quality when uploading it to the website. Please give us around one weeks worth of time to get your page up on the website from the time you sent in your submission. Once we get your page finished and uploaded to the site, we will email you the direct link to your page to share with everyone!

Send your submissions to or you can just click the button below.